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Jun 07

Coin Flip Game to Teach NMR Coupling and J-Value Concepts

One of the most frustrating units for me to teach in my sophomore organic chemistry class is the coupling/j-value concept in the NMR chapter. Going through the tree diagrams, we can get to a place where we understand that 3 neighboring protons cause a quartet, but I’m not convinced they really understand why. It gets …

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Jun 02

Hottest Chemistry Paper May 2012

The most popular paper as measured by unique clicks at ChemFeeds for May was work using rotoxanes as metal-organic frameworks by the Stephen J. Loeb group. Assuming you’re not in the UC system and you have access to Nature Chemistry you can view it here, “Metal–organic frameworks with dynamic interlocked components” by V. Nicholas Vukotic …

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May 25

1 Million Served

Earlier in the week Chemistry Blog crossed the 1 million visitor mark. I just want to say thank you to all the readers and fellow writers that have helped to make this happen. It has been a good 6 years. Best, Mitch

Apr 04

Most Popular Chemistry Paper for March 2012

Like January 2012, the most accessed paper for March 2012 on ChemFeeds was a small feature in Angewandte highlighting winners receiving recognition for their work, in this case the ACS 2012 National award. The winners in no particular order were David O’Hagan, Arnold L. Rheingold, Philip P. Power, Jonathan A. Ellman, Christopher A. Reed, Stephen …

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Oct 14

ACS Grid View TOC

Anyone who pokes around ACS’ JACS beta site will have noticed they now offer a grid view for TOC abstracts. Screen shot below At a recent ACS on campus focus group I remarked to a member of the JACS beta team how similar it looks to ChemFeeds (screenshot below). The young marketing graduate said with …

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Sep 04

ACS Feeds: Two Steps Forward and One Step Back

I know everyone hates rss posts, but the latest ACS feeds updates is causing havoc for chemists dependent on their graphical abstracts fix (3000 people have visited the JACS feed in the past 9 months through ChemFeeds). It was bad enough that it dragged me from experiments to patch ChemFeeds and make me write this …

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