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10 Things Young Graduate Students Need to Know

I noticed this little editorial seemed to be getting a lot of bookmarks at connotea, Ten Simple Rules for Graduate Students. It has some apt advice. Although most senior grad students would of learned those lessons the hard way, I would still recommend reading it. It also has links to other relevant papers like: Ten simple rules for getting published, Ten simple rules for getting grants, Ten simple rules for reviewers, Ten simple rules for a successful collaboration.

On the note of connotea, you can view the latest 25 bookmarked papers on connotea by clicking here: Latest Connotea Entries The php script will evolve into its own self-sustaining website with its own domain name and all that fluff, so don’t get too use to that url. The script also spits out how many people have bookmarked a paper in the recent 25 list. The eventual goal is to see which papers are ‘hot’ for the day, the week, or month based on connotea users.


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Top Science Papers: January 2008

As most readers know, I have more than a passing interest in social bookmarking. There are popular social bookmarking websites like Digg and Reddit. But, there are also science social bookmarking websites like Nature’s Connotea. Connotea has many advantages over other sites, such as being able to export the papers you’ve bookmarked into Endnote and the ability to view other people’s paper databases. Unfortunately for Connotea, they don’t have the nicest visual interface for viewing the most popular papers by their users. Fortunately for you, I know how to query and index a database very well and quickly. I’m rapidly working on learning javascript and AJAX and should have a very nice website utilizing Connotea as the back-end database in a view days. For the time being, I present what Connotea users thought were the best science papers for January 2008. Not surprising, a paper about Connotea is at the top. If you want to help decide what ends up as the top science papers, than go register at Connotea. 🙂

Paper Title #Users Bookmarked
Social Bookmarking Tools (II) A Case Study – Connotea 4
Web 3.0 and medicine 4
Protein-protein interaction networks and biology—what’s the connection? 4
Endogenous human microRNAs that suppress breast cancer metastasis 4

Sorry, no chemistry papers made it to the top.


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ACS New Orleans 2008

It’s that time again to start planning for Spring ACS. I will be attending and looking forward to meeting whoever else would like to do the usual “meet-up”. The meet-ups are generally very successful and always entertaining.

New Orleans convention center

I will be presenting on Monday in the chemical education section in the oral symposium titled “Using Social Networking Tools to Teach Chemistry”, along with 2 other colleagues from my group. The symposium looks quite good, we’ll have Jean-Claude Bradley from Drexel, and a spattering of Nature, RSC and Chemistry Central people. Robert Belford will likely talk too, probably on his work with wiki-hyperglossaries if I had to guess. If anyone ever wondered where chemistry and the internet will intersect in the next 5-10 years this will likely be the symposium not to miss.

If you will be attending the conference and would like to meet, drop a line in the comments section. I’ll post details on where the meet-up as the conference draws near. Likely, Paul will be there as well once he returns from his self-imposed exile.


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Reactive Reports Interviews

Reactive Reports, the coolest monthly online science magazine, has an awesome interview this week. I highly suggest everyone go check it out! Smiley



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