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Dec 10

On the 10th day of advent we have …

Benzene A century and a half ago, Chemists wanted to know, How atoms convene, To make up benzene, But frankly they had nothing to show. The bonds of which benzene’s comprised, Should not be equally sized, But that’s the array, Proposed by Kekulé, Because the electrons are delocalised. By Nicholas Dawson I think Nick maybe …

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Dec 09

Behind door number 9. The surprise discovery of viagra

The blog has been down for a few days so we’ve missed a few advent limericks. Normal service not resumed.   Surprise discovery of viagra Surprise discovery of viagra A drug called sildenafil citrate, Was meant to make vessels dilate, Angina would fast, Be a thing of the past, If the side effects didn’t negate. …

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Dec 04

Chemical Limericks for Advent 4: DNA

The structure we all know today, To be that of DNA, Watson and Crick’s Double Helix, Deduced by Franklin’s diffracting X-rays, The discovery was a great occasion, For those of Darwinian persuasion, Crick and Watson recorded, How genomes are ordered, Much to biologists elation. By Nicholas Dawson

Dec 02

Chemical Limericks for Advent 3: Charles goodyear, RUBBER!

  When rubber started to be used In tires and tubing and shoes In the cold it would shatter, in the heat it would splatter And abrase when hardly abused   Charles Goodyear by chance would discover A way to strengthen his rubber When into his pot, some sulphur was knocked What came out was …

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Dec 01

Chemical rhymes for Advent 2: The discovery of phosphorous

Before chemistry really evolved Alchemists tried to make gold They mixed stuff together To find out whether It’d form enough gold to behold In the seventeenth century An alchemist boiled up his wee It stared to spark and glow in the dark Though making gold wasn’t to be It’s a shame it wasn’t more prosperous …

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Nov 30

Chemical rhymes for advent: 1


One of my students has promised to write chemistry themed limericks and rhymes for each day of advent. Here’s number one, hope you enjoy them. Nitrous oxide used to be taken As a form of drug recreation When the gas is breathed in, the giggles begin And you experience a funny sensation   After taking …

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