Random Science Fact#1: Rhodamine B will stain Polyetheretherketone

Sometimes in lab there will be an interesting result that would be good for fellow scientists to know but is not worth even considering publishing. In that spirit, I bring you random science fact.

In the course of experiments, it became prudent to determine whether Rhodamine B will stain an apparatus made out of PEEK (polyetheretherketone), which is a rather good chemical resistant material. I prepared a 1M Rhodamine B solution in DI water (not all Rhodamine B dissolved by the way) and spun it in an apparatus completely made out of PEEK in conjunction with my undergrad colleagues.


PEEK’s chemical structure is shown above.

Rhodamine B did appear to stain PEEK, where the PEEK had been poorly machined and there were small grooves for Rhodamine B to collect in. Cleaning with a 1M HCl solution and some intense elbow grease action cleaned the Rhodamine B off the PEEK very well. However, the crazyglue that was used to piece together some of the PEEK pieces were permanently stained and no amount of HCl seemed to be able to remove the stain.

This has been a Random Science Fact


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