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Oct 27

When practical jokes and chemistry don’t mix.


I’m all for making chemistry accessible to all, heck I even write another blog on the subject. So I’m generally pretty pleased to see chemistry in the main stream media and large blogs.  But this time a large science/tech blog, Gizmodo, has gone too far. Yesterday Gizmodo published a guest post called “How to Use …

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Jul 15

Great Research is Dull

This post is contributed by Brandon Findlay, and the author of the blog “Chemtips” The best talks, the ones that I go to conferences hoping to see, are the least exciting.  They aren’t sleep inducing, far from it.  But the best talks don’t usually have a lot of flair.  There’s no brilliance at play, and …

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Jun 17

Lab Muppet Theory

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking, Pinky?" "I think so, Brain, but isn't Nietzsche a type of cheese?"

Quick: What do Pinky and The Brain, Kirk and Spock, Bunsen and Beaker…and your research group all have in common? Give up? They all subscribe to “Muppet Theory,” a very recent label on a very old phenomenon. As Slate writer Dahlia Lithwick explains, Muppet Theory reprises the age-old struggle between archetypes: Order fighting Chaos, Kermit against Animal, maybe …

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May 22

Nitroolefins – The Crying Game


(This post was written for the ‘Toxic Chemicals’ carnival, over at ScienceGeist) Let me tell you about the time I broke down crying in lab. No, it wasn’t an epic breakup, or even a death in the family. It was…a nitroolefin. Many summers ago, I worked as a pharma intern, a small flywheel in a then-huge …

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May 15

Science for the future

A campaign group, calling itself ‘Science for the future’ is, today, delivering a coffin to Number 10 Downing street in London as a protest against what they claim to be the death of British science. Their concern is that the UK state funded research councils,  (particularly the Engineering and physical sciences research council, (EPRSC) that …

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Apr 21

5 million gallons and 2 years later…

If I were to walk outside right now and ask the next person I see what the words “Deepwater Horizon” brought to mind, I wouldn’t be surprised if he/she simply stared at me with a puzzled look. Yet exactly two years ago, we all watched the news as the story of the Deepwater Horizon oil …

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