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Mar 09

When is a thank you just not enough?

I bet there is an interesting back story to this little episode. In January a neat communication appeared in JACS  describing “Small-Molecule Inducer of Beta Cell Proliferation Identified by High-Throughput Screening“. Basically the authors have induced the growth of cells that produce insulin, so opening up a possible route to cure Type 1 diabetes. Intersting enough, but not the …

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Dec 09

The Seven (deadly) Sins of Science

Professor W. F. v. Gunsteren has written a very interesting essay for Angewandte entitled “The Seven Sins in Academic Behaviour in the Natural Sciences”. In this piece he defines the seven sins as follows (taken from the essay)   A poor or incomplete description of the work, for example, publishing pretty pictures instead of evidence of …

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Oct 27

When practical jokes and chemistry don’t mix.


I’m all for making chemistry accessible to all, heck I even write another blog on the subject. So I’m generally pretty pleased to see chemistry in the main stream media and large blogs.  But this time a large science/tech blog, Gizmodo, has gone too far. Yesterday Gizmodo published a guest post called “How to Use …

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Jul 15

Great Research is Dull

This post is contributed by Brandon Findlay, and the author of the blog “Chemtips” The best talks, the ones that I go to conferences hoping to see, are the least exciting.  They aren’t sleep inducing, far from it.  But the best talks don’t usually have a lot of flair.  There’s no brilliance at play, and …

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Jun 17

Lab Muppet Theory

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking, Pinky?" "I think so, Brain, but isn't Nietzsche a type of cheese?"

Quick: What do Pinky and The Brain, Kirk and Spock, Bunsen and Beaker…and your research group all have in common? Give up? They all subscribe to “Muppet Theory,” a very recent label on a very old phenomenon. As Slate writer Dahlia Lithwick explains, Muppet Theory reprises the age-old struggle between archetypes: Order fighting Chaos, Kermit against Animal, maybe …

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May 22

Nitroolefins – The Crying Game


(This post was written for the ‘Toxic Chemicals’ carnival, over at ScienceGeist) Let me tell you about the time I broke down crying in lab. No, it wasn’t an epic breakup, or even a death in the family. It was…a nitroolefin. Many summers ago, I worked as a pharma intern, a small flywheel in a then-huge …

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