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Dec 06

ACS LiveSlides: Another Step in Multimedia Science Publishing

Last March I introduced the Hanson research group’s five minute GEOSET videos. I’ve since learned that, in July 2013, Prashant V. Kamat (Deputy Editor), George C. Schatz (Editor-in-Chief) and their co-workers at the Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters announced ACS LiveSlides™, a user friendly mechanism for generating and sharing video slideshows for each manuscript. As …

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Mar 12

Sharing Science: Distilling Publications Into 5 Minute Videos

Aiming to make our research more accessible, the Hanson research group will post five minute videos recapping each of our papers after they are published. This probably sounds like a very time consuming undertaking, but our group is very lucky to have access to GEOSET studio, a creation of our local Nobelist Harry Kroto. Harry, …

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Aug 15

LeBron James Promotes Sheet-y Science

It’s been quite a year for the NBA All-Star: claiming his first NBA Championship, winning gold in the 2012 London Olympics, and now…promoting dietary supplements? The product in question, Sheets®, offers variations on the “breath strips” made popular roughly a decade ago. Each strip contains different GRAS additives, such as melatonin to aid sleep, or …

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Feb 13

Ice is not just ice

Gourmet ice? Yeah, it’s not really my thing either (I’m not much of a drinker, and when I do, it’s mostly microbrew.) But I found the story of entrepreneur Michel Dozois on the The Atlantic’s website to be pretty interesting and something that I find just tiny little bit terrifying as a chemist: Although he …

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Dec 11

Separating the lanthanides: physical versus chemical methods?

There has been much talk about rare earth metals recently. In short, the People’s Republic of China has become the dominant source of rare earth* elements in the world; the PRC government has used that fact to their strategic advantage. I don’t really wish to get into the political debate; suffice it to say that I …

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Jun 07

Puzzling polymorphs

Polymorphism is a common and sorta crazy issue in pharmaceutical process chemistry. Basically put, a drug molecule in the solid state can have multiple crystal forms. Different impurity profiles and different crystallization techniques (solvents, heating/cooling rates) can produce different polymorphs, which can have wildly different physical properties and bioavailabilities. A famous story of troublesome polymorphism …

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