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Oct 25

More Development Adventures: The Nozaki-Hiyama-Kishi Reaction

The NHK reaction is nicely described in this Wiki article. Catalytic amounts of nickel were found to be beneficial in this system and Kishi used the reaction extensively during his synthesis of Halichondrin B, to great effect. During a rather long synthesis we were trying to convert an aldehyde to a cis-diene using the NHK …

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Oct 20


Macrolactonization: Now here is a word to strike fear into the heart of any synthetic organic chemist. It’s usually the last step, or one of the last steps in a long complicated natural product synthesis. Not much material left to experiment with so each crumb of unreacted starting material, usually the seco-acid has to be …

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Oct 05

Life in Chemical Development, Part 3.

The last part of the trilogy: In the last two  I wrote about my first impressions as a chemist in chemical development blessed with a late stage project involving some azide chemistry. This project continued when I received a message that it was actually going into production. In the meantime all the use tests1 I …

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Sep 26

Life in Chemical Development, Part 2.

In the first part of this little series I recounted my experience with two steps of a four-step sequence, now I would like to move on to the last two steps: The preparation of a benzyl chloride and it’s conversion to a benzyl azide. If you remember I had to convert 7098 kg of the …

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Sep 15

From Natural Product to Pharmaceutical.

In a recent discussion (Nicolau), about the suggested move of Prof. NicoIau from Scripps, the issue of the practicality of natural product total synthesis was raised. Here is a wonderful example of just that very usefulness, a wonderful piece of science extending over many years. It concerns the journey from Halichondrin B to Eribulin (E7389) …

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Sep 12

Life in Chemical Development Part 1.

After spending some years in medicinal chemistry (CNS) I moved to chemical development. Now this change I can recommend to everyone. In med. chem. you are just another tool for the biologists churning out compounds (methyl, ethyl, futile). I think this says it all, one of my biological colleagues asked me for more of a …

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