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Dec 05

Chemical limericks for advent. 5th December:

Don’t drop nitroglycerine! A pyromaniac sealed his fate When nitroglycerine did detonate A flask dropped to the floor He was no more Due to its shockingly sensitive state. By Nicholas Dawson

Dec 01

Aspiring Graduate Students: You have questions, Mike Shatruk has answers!

Are you thinking about applying to a chemistry graduate program? Do you have a few questions first? What is the application process? What items do I need to gather in order to apply? What is the most important part of my application package? How soon will I hear back after applying? What should I consider …

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Nov 30

Chemical Free water! Published by the RSC.

Dear editors, authors and reviewers of “A chemical free, nanotechnology-based method for airborne bacterial inactivation using engineered water nanostructures“, It was with great interest that I read this paper recently published by the Royal Society of Chemistry in Environmental Science: Nano. The authors summaries their findings very nicely in the introduction . Herein, we describe …

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Oct 26

Does stainless steel get rid of garlic smells?

Anyone fancy a quick food chemistry experiment to do whilst cooking dinner? According to an old wives tale the best way to get rid of garlic smells on your hands is to rub them on stainless steel. You can even buy stainless steel ‘soap’ for that very purpose. This came up on twitter, the other …

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Jul 30

#ChemSummer Carnival – Glow Sticks: How Do They Work?


Read other entries in the How Does it Work? series! This post is part of the #ChemSummer carnival hosted by C&ENews and Rachel Pepling. Everybody loves summer. And as the sun starts to set, and the fireflies twinkle, and bedtimes are some ancient school-day memory, you crack a glow stick and are amused for hours… …

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Jul 24

User Timelines in Twitter API v1.1

As some people may have noticed, the Chem Twitterverse box has been broken for the past two weeks while Twitter migrated from v1.0 of their API to v1.1. It took some serious rejiggering but I finally got it back up and running. The Chem Twitterverse box now includes tweets from HansonFSU. For those that don’t …

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