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Oct 14

ACS Grid View TOC

Anyone who pokes around ACS’ JACS beta site will have noticed they now offer a grid view for TOC abstracts. Screen shot below At a recent ACS on campus focus group I remarked to a member of the JACS beta team how similar it looks to ChemFeeds (screenshot below). The young marketing graduate said with …

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May 10

How Can Science Embrace Web 2.0: A Response to Rudy Baum

(This post is in response to the May 10 editorial in C&E News.  For the response to the April 19 editorial, click here) First, I want to thank Rudy Baum, editor-in-chief of C&E News, for taking the time to respond to my commentary.  I know he probably has other issues he’d rather talk about on …

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Apr 20

Is Chemistry Incompatible with Web 2.0?

(This post is in response to the April 19 editorial in C&E News.  For the response to the May 10 editorial, click here) A recent ChemJobber post notes that C&E News Editor-in-Chief Rudy Baum‘s editorials sometimes have a tendency to approach the controversial – and sometimes the purely political.  I wanted to discuss this weeks …

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Jun 19

Condensed Print Format

My boss has pointed out this piece of news covered by C&EN. Apparently, starting from July, all ACS journals will be printed in a “rotated and condensed” format, that is two pages on one printed page in landscape format. This is an effort to reduce printing and distribution costs. In my opinion, this change is …

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Feb 03

Throwing Down the Gauntlet for my Fellow Geeks

I love Wikipedia.  I think deep down we all do.  There’s something truly amazing about accessing hordes of (useless) information simply by entering a few keystrokes in a giant search engine.  At times, Wikipedia’s better than “Googling” simply by virtue of the fact that each topic is referenced (most of the time) and peer-reviewed.  By …

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