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Number 11, Hydrogen

Hydrogen is element one,
Its abundance is second to none,
Though it’s commonly found,
In other compounds,
Due to it’s single electron.

By Nicholas Dawson aka @adventchemistry

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On the 10th day of advent we have …


A century and a half ago,
Chemists wanted to know,
How atoms convene,
To make up benzene,
But frankly they had nothing to show.

The bonds of which benzene’s comprised,
Should not be equally sized,
But that’s the array,
Proposed by Kekulé,
Because the electrons are delocalised.
By Nicholas Dawson

I think Nick maybe running out of ideas for limericks, so anyone have any requests? Leave a comment or tweet him on @adventchemistry

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Behind door number 9. The surprise discovery of viagra

The blog has been down for a few days so we’ve missed a few advent limericks. Normal service not resumed.


Surprise discovery of viagra

Surprise discovery of viagra
A drug called sildenafil citrate,
Was meant to make vessels dilate,
Angina would fast,
Be a thing of the past,
If the side effects didn’t negate.

It’s not that the drug was unfit,
It worked, just not in the right bit,
The blood did flow,
But to the parts down below,
Viagra is now what we call it.

By Nicholas Dawson (now on twitter)

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Behind door number 6 is phlogiston

Nick is still churning out  cracking chemistry limericks for advent. Hope you are enjoying them.



When trying to explain combustion,

Alchemists had a conjunction,

The theory decreed,

For fire you need,

A material containing phlogiston.

But phlogiston is obscene,

Its existence has never been,

Fire’s explanation,

Lies in fast oxidation,

A theory unflawed it would seem.


By Nicholas Dawson

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