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Chemical Limericks for Advent 3: Charles goodyear, RUBBER!

When rubber started to be used
In tires and tubing and shoes
In the cold it would shatter, in the heat it would splatter
And abrase when hardly abused
Charles Goodyear by chance would discover
A way to strengthen his rubber
When into his pot, some sulphur was knocked
What came out was much tougher rubber
The trick to the stabilisation
Was due to cross link formation
The sulfur restrains the polymer chains
In a process called vulcanisation
by Nicholas Dawson
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Chemical rhymes for Advent 2: The discovery of phosphorous

Before chemistry really evolved
Alchemists tried to make gold
They mixed stuff together
To find out whether
It’d form enough gold to behold
In the seventeenth century
An alchemist boiled up his wee
It stared to spark and glow in the dark
Though making gold wasn’t to be
It’s a shame it wasn’t more prosperous
He had only discovered phosphorous
And the glowing in essence
Was just phosphorescence
And that is the story of phosphorous
by Nicholas  Dawson
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