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Aug 28

Explosive Solutions

Instead of starting at the beginning of a paper I want to kick off this commentary with a statement from near the end: “Caution! Covalent azides are potentially hazardous and can decompose explosively under various conditions! Especially Hg2(N3)2, α– and β-Hg(N3)2, and [Hg2N]N3 in this work are extremely friction/shock-sensitive and can explode violently upon the …

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Jul 06

A Chemist Doing Biology

My postdoctoral research has just begun (started 1.5 months ago) and it will heavily rely on using mice. Thus far I have imaged, dissected, injected, xenografted, castrated, you name it and I’ve already done it or will be doing it to mice. As chemists we are sheltered from the bloody side of science. Sure some …

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May 01

Most Popular Chemistry Papers 2010 (1/3)

There are finally enough people visiting ChemFeeds (~150/day) that metrics like most accessed chemistry paper might actually be statistically significant information. So below I present the top two most clicked on abstracts from ChemFeeds for the first third of 2010. First Place: Emil Knoevenagel and the Roots of Aminocatalysis by Benjamin List in Angewandte Chemie …

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Jan 16


Stephen J. Ebbens Jonathan Howse The current state of the art in nanopropulsion devices was recently reviewed by Ebbens and Howse in an article last Friday.[SoftMatter] A short summary of the nano- systems is presented below with video action shots when I could find them. The Whitesides Catalyst: Pt Fuel: H2O2 Propulsion: Bubble propulsion Terrain: …

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Oct 22

Introducing ChemFeeds your Graphical Abstracts Portal

Decided to make a new website, ChemFeeds, where you can view pretty graphical chemical abstracts from various sources like JACS, Angewandte, JOCS, OrgLett, and a whole host of others. It even has the Angewandte punsCBC, vis-à-vis OCB. Feel free to roam around at the website, link is here: Feedback and suggestions on how to …

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