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Jan 16


Stephen J. Ebbens Jonathan Howse The current state of the art in nanopropulsion devices was recently reviewed by Ebbens and Howse in an article last Friday.[SoftMatter] A short summary of the nano- systems is presented below with video action shots when I could find them. The Whitesides Catalyst: Pt Fuel: H2O2 Propulsion: Bubble propulsion Terrain: …

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Dec 23

Yet Another Acene Synthesis (YAAS)

Who doesn’t like a good fused benzene synthesis? Lin et al. have come up with a new iterative method to make acenes.[ChemComm] The new method uses a series of Wittig olefinations and Knoevenagel condensations, schematically shown below. The method works up to [4]acene and requires photochemical tricks to get higher order acenes, but the precursors …

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