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Oct 14

ACS Grid View TOC

Anyone who pokes around ACS’ JACS beta site will have noticed they now offer a grid view for TOC abstracts. Screen shot below At a recent ACS on campus focus group I remarked to a member of the JACS beta team how similar it looks to ChemFeeds (screenshot below). The young marketing graduate said with …

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May 25

Nature Has a Graphical Abstracts Problem

Or I should say, it had a problem. The most annoying thing about Nature journals, not including Nature Chemistry, is they do not have a graphical abstract associated with their rss feed or even in their Table of Contents. However, I made a hack to view Nature with an associated graphical abstract over at ChemFeeds. …

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May 01

Most Popular Chemistry Papers 2010 (1/3)

There are finally enough people visiting ChemFeeds (~150/day) that metrics like most accessed chemistry paper might actually be statistically significant information. So below I present the top two most clicked on abstracts from ChemFeeds for the first third of 2010. First Place: Emil Knoevenagel and the Roots of Aminocatalysis by Benjamin List in Angewandte Chemie …

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Apr 20

Is Chemistry Incompatible with Web 2.0?

(This post is in response to the April 19 editorial in C&E News.  For the response to the May 10 editorial, click here) A recent ChemJobber post notes that C&E News Editor-in-Chief Rudy Baum‘s editorials sometimes have a tendency to approach the controversial – and sometimes the purely political.  I wanted to discuss this weeks …

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Mar 18

ACS Mobile

Credit: Linda Wang/C&EN ACS has released an app that streams new ACS graphical abstracts to your iphone. Unfortunately you have to pay $2.99 for the app. A free alternative I wrote can be found at the mobile site for ChemFeeds. The nice thing about my version is it works for any mobile device that gets internet and …

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Aug 16

Major ChemFeeds Upgrade

I added a crowdsourcing component to ChemFeeds that allows users to vote-up chemistry papers they enjoy. For those uninitiated to ChemFeeds, the website displays the latest graphical abstracts from ACS, RSC, and Wiley. As all things involving crowdsourcing and chemists are unpopular, I doubt it’ll be used much. But enjoy anyways. 😉 The upgrade of …

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