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Dec 31

Garlic Challenge, the results show!

Back in October I posed a question: Is there any truth in the old wives tale that rubbing your hands on stainless steel gets rid of garlic smells? Various theories as to how steel may achieve this were posited. But I wanted to know if there was a real effect in the first place. Kitchen …

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Jul 12

Twitter Brain’s Chemistry Novel (and other book) recommendations

I’ve been looking for an easy to read book (fiction or non-fiction) to send out to chemistry students before they arrive at Uni. The plan is to have all our first years read the same book before they arrive. With any luck it will give them something to chat about and give our first few …

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Mar 25

Say it with Molecules

Anyone fancy some quality, tasteful geeky  jewellery? I don’t think you could do much better than this. Its accurate, sterling silver and subtly nerdy, which means I might just about be able to get away with buying some for the other half.  There’s a whole range of your favourite molecules in wearable form, from capsaicin necklaces to nucleotide earrings and …

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Apr 12

Homeopathy: Science or Sympathetic Magic?

As a new contributor to Chemistry Blog, I’ve decided to ‘break myself in’ by tackling the somewhat controversial and thought-provoking topic of homeopathy.  As I write, we find ourselves part way through ‘World Homeopathy Awareness Week’, so the subject is enjoying quite a high profile and twitter seems to be alive with discussion on the matter.   …

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