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New Symbol for Copernicium: Cn

There has been a fuss over abbreviating Copernicium as Cp for element 112.[RSC][Nature] As IUPAC is dominated with synthetic people, I always figured the discover’s original suggestion wouldn’t last long and it hasn’t. I received this link from Darleane Hoffman: NAME AND SYMBOL OF THE ELEMENT WITH ATOMIC NUMBER 112

Abstract: A joint IUPAC/IUPAP Working Party (JWP) has confirmed the discovery of the element with atomic number 112. In accord with IUPAC procedures, the discoverers proposed a name, copernicium, and symbol, Cn, for the element. The Inorganic Chemistry Division recommended these proposals for acceptance and it was adopted by IUPAC by the Bureau on (date to be inserted) as delegated to act by the IUPAC Council meeting on 12 August 2007.

Apparently this happened rather early in the process, as early as July. So all the fuss over the use of Cp has been for naught.


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