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A Few of My Favorite (Chemistry) Things

To carry on with Chemjobber’s Favorite Things list (thanks, btw.  Now I can’t get that silly Dove commercial out of my head), here’s my list of some of my favorite things about chemistry

  1. Clickable Sharpies
  2. Vanillin TLC stain
  3. Pericyclic reactions
  4. Dump-and-Stir reactions
  5. A set of nested beakers (my set goes from 1000 mL down to 10 mL)
  6. Review articles
  7. PhD comics
  8. Short paths (with or without the cow receiver)
  9. Playing with liquid nitrogen
  10. Dry ice bowling (a lab Olympic event, where you roll a piece of dry ice down our long hallway to see whose goes the farthest)


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