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Apr 20

Is Chemistry Incompatible with Web 2.0?

(This post is in response to the April 19 editorial in C&E News.  For the response to the May 10 editorial, click here) A recent ChemJobber post notes that C&E News Editor-in-Chief Rudy Baum‘s editorials sometimes have a tendency to approach the controversial – and sometimes the purely political.  I wanted to discuss this weeks …

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Jan 20

tert-Butyllithium Claims Fellow Chemist at UCLA

Story is from UCLA Newsroom (Jan 19th): A UCLA research assistant who was seriously burned in a laboratory fire last month has died of her injuries. The 22-year-old woman, whose name has not been released, died on Jan. 16 at Grossman Burn Center in Sherman Oaks. She was transferred there after initial treatment for second- …

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Oct 06

A Word on Research Misconduct

Dig out your dictionary and look up the word “hyperbole” (I know, it might be a while since you’ve last had English class)—exaggerated statement or claims not intended to be taken seriously.  I tend to hyperbolize a bit when I replay an incident that happened at the bar or in class, which I attribute to …

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Dec 14

Diaza[12]annulene: Would You have Known Better?

The recent retraction of two papers regarding diaza[12]annulenes by Yamaguchi et al. and Shi et al. from separate groups have strengthened the argument for stronger peer review and more thorough literature review by authors. But anyone can be an armchair synthetic chemist and point fingers at what should have been done after the fact. …

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