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Apr 22

ACS Member Dues

It is that time of the year for me when I need to dole out the cash to renew my ACS membership. For the first time I have to pay the full membership price of $145. The process is made more complicated than usual since I need to switch from the graduate student member rate …

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Jan 02

ACS Executive Compensations for 2006

madeline jacobs

ACS released the salaries of their top executives last week, and if you didn’t think non-profit work was profitable think again. Officers Total Compensation + Contributions + + Expense Accounts  Madeline Jacobs (CEO) $933,533 Flint Lewis (General Counsel) $321,031 Brian Bernstein (Treasurer) $403,560 Top Execs. Total Compensation + Contributions + + Expense Accounts  Robert Massie …

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