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Feb 27

Which science does the most magic?

A few weeks back  Vittorio had a pop at Sigma-Aldrich for marketing fluorosulfuric acid-antimony pentafluoride as ‘magic acid’.  Which got me wondering, just how common is magic in the sciences? And which disciplines are the most mystical? So I checked. A search for ‘magic’ in titles of articles using Scopus pulls up 8,698 hits. That’s a …

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Mar 28

Chemical Magicians

Gob Bluth, Semi-Professional Magician

Skepticism plays a central role in any kind of scientific research. To paraphrase Feynman, you should try never to fool yourself – and you are the easiest person to fool! We chemists all want to believe in the high yield, or the perfect recrystallization that causes us to turn cartwheels…until we realize that we can’t repeat …

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