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Aug 28

Explosive Solutions

Instead of starting at the beginning of a paper I want to kick off this commentary with a statement from near the end: “Caution! Covalent azides are potentially hazardous and can decompose explosively under various conditions! Especially Hg2(N3)2, α– and β-Hg(N3)2, and [Hg2N]N3 in this work are extremely friction/shock-sensitive and can explode violently upon the …

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Oct 31

Mandatory Safety Standown

Some of the trappings for working in a government lab are the frequent safety trainings, safety retrainings, safety walkthroughs, safety evaluations, and safety inspections. This year Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory is up for its DOE review. If LBL passes then its contract with the UC system is renewed. If we don’t pass, the contract is opened …

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