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Oct 22

Introducing ChemFeeds your Graphical Abstracts Portal

Decided to make a new website, ChemFeeds, where you can view pretty graphical chemical abstracts from various sources like JACS, Angewandte, JOCS, OrgLett, and a whole host of others. It even has the Angewandte punsCBC, vis-à-vis OCB. Feel free to roam around at the website, link is here: Feedback and suggestions on how to …

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Oct 09

Full Frontal JACS

The Journal of the American Chemical Society (JACS) has flirted with web 2.0 with it’s recent JACS β initiative. It has been warmly received around the blogosphere [CSB, TCB, CBC]. Although, I don’t have any complaints about the website, what I really wanted was less hand-holding and more of a shotgun approach to navigating through …

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