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Lab DJ

pandoraDo you have music playing in lab?  I like to have some music playing, and over the years our lab has accumulated a stereo and some speakers.  So I bought a headphone-to-RCA connector and I was quickly able to play music from my computer through the lab sound system.  For a while, I would play albums from my computer through iTunes (and when Ruckus was still around, I had built up a pretty solid collection).  Fortunately, everyone in ear shot of the speakers has approximately the same taste in music, so there were rarely any disagreements about the music being played.

Lately, though, I’ve been pretty much using Pandora exclusively.  If you haven’t found yet, you simply must check it out.  Even if you aren’t your lab’s DJ, you’ll soon find yourself turning to Pandora as your default music player. (more below the jump) Read more ›

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