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May 15

Who knows reviewers’ identities?

A couple of posts ago I shared a pretty unpleasant experience I had after peer-reviewing a grant application. In short my anonymity appeared to have been breached and I received ,what I took to be, a thinly veiled threat from the grant’s author. Some of the comments that followed thanked me for bring the case …

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Mar 28

‘Anonymous’ peer-review – a cautionary tale

Some time ago I received a grant proposal to review. Its was from an eminent professor. I was extremely disappointed, on numerous accounts, with the quality of the proposal. In short I thought it relied very heavily on the authors standing in the community and only paid lip service to the science. And so (naively) safe …

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Mar 25

ACS – Day 4: Peer-Review Reviewed

Wendy Warr Wendy Warr gave a bleak and blistering critique on the current state of chemical peer-review at the recent ACS National Meeting in San Francisco. Her points are even more poignant as she is an associate editor for ACS. The salient features of her critique are listed below. Problems with Peer-Review: It can delay …

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