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Chemistry YouTube Videos – February 2010 Roundup

A student in a chicken suit gets tackled by organic chemistry lecturer Owen Priest at Northwestern University.

An excellent video on methane by the Periodic Table of Videos crew last month.
Safety Note: Samantha “Pants!” Tang is not wearing a lab coat, gloves, and her hair is not fully pulled back.

Also from the Periodic Table of Videos, Sam shows us the Traffic Lights reaction.
Safety Note: Sam does not wear gloves even while working with NaOH powder.
EH&S Note: Throws the solution down the sink.


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Chemistry YouTube Videos

  • Hitler Tries To Learn Organic Chemistry. A funny chemical take on an old meme.
  • An other awesome video from the Periodic Table of Videos guys, this time for chlorine. I’ve always enjoyed their informative and entertaining videos. However, I will have to lightheartedly take Pete Licence to task. Pete says at ~1:15, “Chlorine wants an other electron to get that noble gas configuration and it will move heaven and Earth to get that electron.” But, chlorine gas already has a filled octet and that is the chemical used in the experiment. It probably isn’t the best idea to infer a discussion from the electron affinity for a single chlorine atom in the gas-phase and use it as a simplification, with a smile and a wink, when explaining the reactivity of chlorine gas.
  • Paulina Mason thought you guys might like her attempt at singing the Periodic Table.

    I study at Carleton University in Canada. The video shows a very cool way how our chemistry professor encouraged memorizing all 117 elements of the periodic table. We had to make up a melody, and sing them in front of 500 people class, for an extra mark. That was hilarious:)


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Cake From Lab Chemicals

The Nottingham crew that has brought the entertaining hair-stylings of Martyn Poliakoff with their series of Youtube videos on each element in the periodic table ( has celebrated its first birthday. In honor of the occasion they made a cake out of lab chemicals. The only non-hazardous labeled materials used were butter and eggs, which are impossible to find an appropriate lab substitute.

Although chemists don’t have a chemistry rock star, Youtube has made Martyn Poliakoff as close as we’ll get. Unless someone is bold enough to go the Paris Hilton route.

Safety Note: The cake baker, Samantha Tang, has no gloves on although she has a lovely accent and introduces me to a new interjection, “Pants!” In the background there are other lab workers without lab coats and their personal protective equipment.

Phil first covered the website earlier this year: The Periodic Table of Videos


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The Periodic Table of Videos

I’d like to share this link with you: The Periodic Table of Videos (

A group of lecturers around Prof. Martyn Poliakoff from the University of Nottingham have compiled this “Periodic Table”, which contains a video of a few minutes for every (!) known element. Sometimes it’s an explosive experiment (e.g., Hydrogen), in other cases they simply show a sample, while giving some information about the element. I must say, I am impressed how they manage to come up with something for all the lanthanoids and actinoids. For Ytterbium, Yttrium, Terbium and Erbium, they even went on a trip to Ytterby (Sweden), the town these elements are named after. A great distraction for rainy days, and also a useful video collection for teaching!

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