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Mar 03

Chemistry YouTube Videos – February 2010 Roundup

A student in a chicken suit gets tackled by organic chemistry lecturer Owen Priest at Northwestern University. An excellent video on methane by the Periodic Table of Videos crew last month. Safety Note: Samantha “Pants!” Tang is not wearing a lab coat, gloves, and her hair is not fully pulled back. Also from the Periodic …

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Nov 12

Chemistry YouTube Videos

Hitler Tries To Learn Organic Chemistry. A funny chemical take on an old meme. An other awesome video from the Periodic Table of Videos guys, this time for chlorine. I’ve always enjoyed their informative and entertaining videos. However, I will have to lightheartedly take Pete Licence to task. Pete says at ~1:15, “Chlorine wants an …

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Jun 22

Cake From Lab Chemicals

The Nottingham crew that has brought the entertaining hair-stylings of Martyn Poliakoff with their series of Youtube videos on each element in the periodic table ( has celebrated its first birthday. In honor of the occasion they made a cake out of lab chemicals. The only non-hazardous labeled materials used were butter and eggs, which …

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Jan 27

The Periodic Table of Videos

I’d like to share this link with you: The Periodic Table of Videos ( A group of lecturers around Prof. Martyn Poliakoff from the University of Nottingham have compiled this “Periodic Table”, which contains a video of a few minutes for every (!) known element. Sometimes it’s an explosive experiment (e.g., Hydrogen), in other cases …

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