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Oct 30

Bad Pun Day

I don’t have a pun for this graphical abstract, but I can’t help thinking it disapproves of me looking at it. Graphical abstract from: Dynamic viscoelastic behavior of individual Gram-negative bacterial cells. Mitch

Aug 11

Bad Pun Day

Boron all round-up. Graphic abstract from: Double Aromaticity in “Boron Toroids” (August 11th 2009) Pun From: Looks like a Round Up ride. If you can make a better pun leave it in the comments. Mitch

Aug 06

Bad Pun Day

When you look into the nanoparticles, the nanoparticles also look into you. Graphic abstract from: Stabilization of Superparamagnetic Iron Oxide Core−Gold Shell Nanoparticles in High Ionic Strength Media Pun From: Play on the famous quote by Friedrich Nietzsche Mitch