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Dec 09

Recapping Mike Shatruk’s AMA

Mike Shatruk, chair of Florida State University’s chemistry graduate recruiting & admissions committee, hosted an AMA (ask me anything) on last week. Over a span of three days, he answered redditor’s questions about applying to graduate programs, factors in admission decisions, faculty advisor selection, and more. A recap of the AMA is shared below …

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Dec 01

Aspiring Graduate Students: You have questions, Mike Shatruk has answers!

Are you thinking about applying to a chemistry graduate program? Do you have a few questions first? What is the application process? What items do I need to gather in order to apply? What is the most important part of my application package? How soon will I hear back after applying? What should I consider …

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Sep 06

Lab Horror Stories

After Jyllian Kemsley’s story on the non-supervised cavalier graduate student and his missing fingers, members of the chemistry reddit shared their own harrowing experiences around the lab. I would suggest we all try to learn something from these stories, the most important lesson being always wear your safety glasses! bri1232001: I work in a chemistry …

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Apr 20

Is Chemistry Incompatible with Web 2.0?

(This post is in response to the April 19 editorial in C&E News.  For the response to the May 10 editorial, click here) A recent ChemJobber post notes that C&E News Editor-in-Chief Rudy Baum‘s editorials sometimes have a tendency to approach the controversial – and sometimes the purely political.  I wanted to discuss this weeks …

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May 28

Creative gen. chem exam


It’s summer, hooray! I am currently interning/vacationing in Livermore, so it’d be great if some of you guys can stop by to check on Mitch & Maz every once in a while, make sure they bathe and stuff. They would probably prefer that you bring some brownies, if possible. Most of you Reddit addicts have …

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Feb 18

Top Science Papers: January 2008

As most readers know, I have more than a passing interest in social bookmarking. There are popular social bookmarking websites like Digg and Reddit. But, there are also science social bookmarking websites like Nature’s Connotea. Connotea has many advantages over other sites, such as being able to export the papers you’ve bookmarked into Endnote and …

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