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Dec 17

Chemistry Dictionary for Word Processors V3.0

  Download the Chemistry Dictionary(V3.0) here   1/13/12: Welcome J. Chem. Educ. readers! After you download the dictionary, feel free to browse to the front page and have a look around. You may also be interested in our Reagent Table Calculator Widgets. 🙂 1/19/11: Reader Catie has forwarded a biology/medical dictionary that is also free …

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Jul 06

Please hand me your final product

Science ethics is the new flavor of the past couple weeks around the chemical blogosphere (TCB, CB, TCB, SB) and continuing that trend is the story of Richard Lenski and conservapedia. Richard Lenski being the E. Coli evolving citrate consumption guy (pnas), was responding to which stipulations he would agree to before sending out samples …

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