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Jun 16

Breaking Stuff for Science

Most chemists will agree, a chemical spill on the floor is one of the most annoying things to have to deal with in a lab. With LBL policy, you have to adhere to the SWIMS protocol: Stop work, Warn others, Isolate the area, Monitor yourself, Stay in the area. Not to mention using the correct …

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Dec 07

32-electron chemistry

We all remember learning about octets and valence electrons in school. We may also remember the first time we saw an 18-electron transition metal complex. This week Dognon et al. discuss the possibility of 32-electron organometallic complexes.[JACS] In order to reach 32-electrons, f-orbital participation is essential. Below is a picture of a hypothetical organometallic complex …

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Aug 23

Halogen Bonding

Some of you may be familiar with the term “halogen bonding”. In analogy to hydrogen bonding, this weak interaction occurs between an electron donor, such as nitrogen, and a halogen (Cl, Br, I). The halogen acts as an electrophile. This is possible because the halogen has a region of positive partial charge at its tip, …

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Jun 25

Scientific Misconduct

This nature article discusses the results of a survey about scientific misconduct, while an editorial makes some comments. Quote: “The 2,212 researchers we surveyed observed 201 instances of likely misconduct over a threeyear period. That’s 3 incidents per 100 researchers per year. A conservative extrapolation from our findings to all DHHS-funded researchers predicts that more …

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