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Nov 15

TheChemBlog Closes Shop

Kyle Finchsigmate One of the pioneering chemistry blogs closed their doors earlier this month. As a brethren to the class of 2006 [1], I feel the need to pay homage to the great Kyle Finchsigmate’s influential chemical blog. TheChemBlog came online in June of ’06 and with his anonymity still intact he was able to …

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Jan 20

tert-Butyllithium Claims Fellow Chemist at UCLA

Story is from UCLA Newsroom (Jan 19th): A UCLA research assistant who was seriously burned in a laboratory fire last month has died of her injuries. The 22-year-old woman, whose name has not been released, died on Jan. 16 at Grossman Burn Center in Sherman Oaks. She was transferred there after initial treatment for second- …

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Oct 09

Full Frontal JACS

The Journal of the American Chemical Society (JACS) has flirted with web 2.0 with it’s recent JACS β initiative. It has been warmly received around the blogosphere [CSB, TCB, CBC]. Although, I don’t have any complaints about the website, what I really wanted was less hand-holding and more of a shotgun approach to navigating through …

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Jul 06

Please hand me your final product

Science ethics is the new flavor of the past couple weeks around the chemical blogosphere (TCB, CB, TCB, SB) and continuing that trend is the story of Richard Lenski and conservapedia. Richard Lenski being the E. Coli evolving citrate consumption guy (pnas), was responding to which stipulations he would agree to before sending out samples …

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Oct 20

The NanoArt 2007 Competition Begins

The chemical blogosphere has had their little pretty picture tangos in the past: CF, CBC, TCB, H.D But, now you can put your SEM where your mouth is. Cris Orfescu proclaimed scientist-artist hybrid is hosting a NanoArt competition, details found here: The competition is truly open to anyone, since he offers 3 images to …

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Aug 15

Chemical Graphics

A lot of recent discussions in the chemical blogosphere have centered around making Chemistry visually more stunning: TheChemBlog, Carbon, Kutti. I present my own work below. The molecule is an acetylacetate complex of Rutherfordium. If your going to be showing off your beautifying molecule skills, bring your A+ game. Note 1: Oddly enough, I believe …

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