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The NanoArt 2007 Competition Begins

The chemical blogosphere has had their little pretty picture tangos in the past: CF, CBC, TCB, H.D

But, now you can put your SEM where your mouth is. Cris Orfescu proclaimed scientist-artist hybrid is hosting a NanoArt competition, details found here:

The competition is truly open to anyone, since he offers 3 images to color if you don’t actually get to take cool nano pictures yourself. The seed photos are shown below.

So if you know how to use photoshop, you’ll be set. Good luck!


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Chemical Graphics

A lot of recent discussions in the chemical blogosphere have centered around making Chemistry visually more stunning: TheChemBlog, Carbon, Kutti. I present my own work below. The molecule is an acetylacetate complex of Rutherfordium.

If your going to be showing off your beautifying molecule skills, bring your A+ game. Wink

Note 1: Oddly enough, I believe that is the correct geometry of the complex.


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