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Chemistry YouTube Videos – February 2010 Roundup

A student in a chicken suit gets tackled by organic chemistry lecturer Owen Priest at Northwestern University.

An excellent video on methane by the Periodic Table of Videos crew last month.
Safety Note: Samantha “Pants!” Tang is not wearing a lab coat, gloves, and her hair is not fully pulled back.

Also from the Periodic Table of Videos, Sam shows us the Traffic Lights reaction.
Safety Note: Sam does not wear gloves even while working with NaOH powder.
EH&S Note: Throws the solution down the sink.


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Cake From Lab Chemicals

The Nottingham crew that has brought the entertaining hair-stylings of Martyn Poliakoff with their series of Youtube videos on each element in the periodic table ( has celebrated its first birthday. In honor of the occasion they made a cake out of lab chemicals. The only non-hazardous labeled materials used were butter and eggs, which are impossible to find an appropriate lab substitute.

Although chemists don’t have a chemistry rock star, Youtube has made Martyn Poliakoff as close as we’ll get. Unless someone is bold enough to go the Paris Hilton route.

Safety Note: The cake baker, Samantha Tang, has no gloves on although she has a lovely accent and introduces me to a new interjection, “Pants!” In the background there are other lab workers without lab coats and their personal protective equipment.

Phil first covered the website earlier this year: The Periodic Table of Videos


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Edible Solar Cells?

I got a heads-up from Blake Farrow about turning donuts and tea into solar cells. They do a good job balancing goofiness with fun and satire. Enjoy the youtube video.

*We at Chemistry Blog fully support the development of nuclear energy and not the sad destruction of our powdered donut resources.

They also supplied an abriged version for the nanotation video contest: Nanotechnology Brings Us Delicious New Solar Cells

Our previous ACS Nano Contest coverage: The Nano Song


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SciFinder Youtube Videos

This is wrong. This is so wrong. But it did get me to bookmark the website.

The Paper

The Party

The cheese is strong with this one.

Update: Also covered by Will. SciFinder on YouTube? Absurd.


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