How to get free drinks at ACS sci-mix

Unfortunately, I forgot my sci-mix drink tickets at home on Monday, but I found several alternative ways to get free alcohol.

1) Go to your school’s alumni meeting. When I walked into Berkeley’s free alumni meeting wearing jeans, my beat-up shoes and my several weeks of unshaven manly hair growth–I thought for sure they were going to throw me out, but I had my ACS badge so they let me in (eventhough they said I wasn’t on their list). I noticed they only looked at their current Berkeley student guest-list and didn’t even bother looking at the alumni list, I think some educational profiling was involved. I don’t know how swank private school alumni meetings get, but this was a real surprise being the product of decades of Californian public school education. I made the fortunate mistake of getting there 40 minutes before it started and was able to lay claim to the nearest table by the bar. Fortunately the free bar opened early and I was well on my way to happy-beer contentment by the time I had to walk to the sci-mix poster session.

2) Know the beer-give-awayers. So, without any drink tickets in hand I still went up to the beer-servers and asked for a beer. They said, “ticket”. I was like, “I don’t have any tickets”, and the very nice beer-chap looked over his shoulder a couple of times and then said “here-go-go”. That was awesome.

When I went to the ACS-registration help desk, they wouldn’t print me any more tickets. Now, the whole ticket idea is quaint. But, I could of just as easily taken my tickets to the nearest Kinkos and printed 100. I think the whole ACS idea of drink tickets is just to keep individuals from over doing it, but obviously I found a way to overdo it. I suggest ACS have an open bar next year, and forget the whole ticket idea. Does anyone even check to see if the number of drink tickets matches the number of cups served? I would doubt there is such a ticket Nazi. As scientists we should be open to performing experiments and I say ACS experiments with an open beer-bar next year. Since I am a just man, and the ACS may wish to do this experiment on a smaller scale, I will be willing to use myself as a subject for the free-beer experiment.

P.S. Sorry ticket Nazi, but there may be several plastic cups that don’t match with the number of tickets received.

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