ACS Day 4 – Who is more important than JJ? The Red-Ticket man

At the ACS meeting I found the greatest individual of all time. I call him the red-ticket man. He handed out red raffle tickets that were worth a free beer at the poster session. He was shorter than I and had grey-white hair with a small white mustache. He was hard to locate and it took some time to find him. When I finally found him I took the mandatory 2 tickets out of his envelope. Being so happy that I found him, I ended up hugging him. Although during the hug I ended up taking 4 more red raffle tickets. I don’t think he minded, but I don’t think he knew, or maybe he just pretended he didn’t notice.

He said the tickets were just for, “us organic chemists”. I told him, “but I’m a Nuclear Chemist”. He didn’t even seem to mind. Isn’t he the greatest guy on the planet? I drank through as many of my red tickets as I could and had to end up giving the rest away. I gave the guy a ticket and gave the rest to random people.

Mind you, I would never give away free beer on purpose, but I already had a problem standing  so I figured it was about time to give away those other tickets. To put my intoxication state in perspective, Kyle The Chem Blog guy and my good friend Stuart from the Bergman group had been drinking since 5:00pm for the meet-up. Stuart said he thought he had enough; Stuart doesn’t say that, so I knew it was time to stop. I would have added the TenderButton guy to the list of those drinking heavily at the meet-up, but he only had 2 beers so he doesn’t count. Wink I ran into Kyle from The Chem Blog again and he looked dazed at the poster session, he donated a pint of blood earlier which made him more susceptible to the effects of all the alcohol.

The other blogs are focused on who they thought the man of the day was, JJ La Clair. But, there was an even greater man at ACS-Day4. Mr. Red-Ticket man I salute you.


Note 1: There were also quite a few other people who were drinking at Chevy’s for the meet-up.

Note 2: I forgot to mention, but after returning to Berkeley I went drinking with the guy.


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