Death of Tenderbutton: Celebrity and Liability

Tenderbutton will be shutting down shortly if you haven’t heard. Official notice is here: The two arguments given, although he says there are others, are the rapid audience growth of the blog and general liability concerns. I can see how being instantly recognized by everyone at the ACS conference could both be a good thing and a bad thing, but I never felt celebrity is an overwhelming drawback from doing what you like to do.

I think part of the fall of tenderbutton is due to it only being Dylan writing for it. If it wasn’t for the wonderful staff and forum members answering questions, I may of closed up shop too because I would of been swamped with the sole obligation of trying to answer everyone. It’s a huge obligation to constantly try to make new content. Maybe if tenderbutton introduced guest bloggers it would reduce the overall workload. Dylan has already set the bar for blogging content and anyone he got to guest blog would be forced to live up to that reputation. As Greg put it privately, “Even if 1/3 of the blog entries were Dylan’s it would still be a great site to visit.”

Artists sometimes do not know how their work will be perceived, and once popularized they can’t easily snipe from afar. There are a final few blog entries for tenderbutton, but I seriously doubt this is the last time the chemical community will be reading Dylan’s rants.


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