Time Machine Possible in New Particle Accelerator

In recent years, time traveling has been not only a scenario in science fictions and Hollywood blockbusters, but also a scientific possibility due to the rapid developments of quantum theory. Tidbits on the possibility of achieving time traveling has sprouted up in news in the past couple of weeks.


The soon to be available Large Hadron Collider (LHC, pictured above) of CERN utilizes several superconducting magnets (kept at just 1.9 K) to guide charged particles to a desired projectile. Scheduled to be in operation by May of this year, it is the largest and highest energy particle accelerator in the world.[1] Using the LHC, a special run is scheduled for April 2008 in attempt to recreate the Big Bang.

By colliding charged particles at high velocity, researchers hope to reproduce the first billionth second after the Big Bang. By successfully doing so, this exercise would further validate the theory–some claim as the origin of life–since the Nobel win of Professor George Smoot in 2007.

However, the public hype of the launch of LHC isn’t all for the recreation of the mysterious Big Bang. Much of its attention is the possibility of creating a time machine as a side product of this exercise. As mathematicians Irina Aref’eva and Igor Volovich of Moscow’s Steklov Mathematical Institute pointed out, Einstein’s theory of general relativity suggests that particle collisions at such high energy level would distort the space-time fabric surrounding it. This distortion can create a wormhole, or “time tunnel,” allowing time traveling.[2] A related interview with Irina Aref’eva is available on YouTube.

Such claim sounds little more than a scene out of some scifi movie; and many in the scientific community agrees. Most remains skeptical of the production and application of the man-made wormhole. Surely, arguments like the lack of “time travelers” from the future still echo every time machine idea is brought up. Since what will happen inside the particle accelerator is still largely unknown, its secondary consequences also remain unpredictable.


[1] Large Hadron Collider, Wikipedia

[2] The world’s first time machine? Tunnel to the past could open door to future within three months, say Russians


  1. Nice story…Daily Mail is perhaps not the most obviously reliable source I’d have chosen though.


  2. Although, I’m never the first to run with the wild claims made by the Russians, the idea still deserves public feedback. Plus, like hell CERN would of published that, so Daily Mail it was.


  3. Large Hadron Collider the special run is scheduled April 2008 in attempt to recreat big bang as pointed out will have unknown consequences. I don’t like to be the person holding the sign ‘the End of the World is perhaps nigh’ im for science generally, though if it does mess everything up wheres the democracy in that,Im interested in science, another part of me, or in another sense, im exited an await with interest that we humans of planet earth will exist to find out the results.

  4. Talk of worm hole or black hole !


  6. this is fucking crazy

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  8. Sure, time traveling is a good idea, but why risk our lives doing so?

    The man in the interview himself said that a machine that complicated will have constant something wrong

    I’d rather live than to die and be nonexistant because of a malfuntio that created tiny black holes

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