Obama & Science Education

obama robot ball machine

Student science geeks will be going to the White House, that is what caught my attention from Obama’s remarks on his “Education To Innovate” campaign delivered Monday. Student winners in national competitions in science, technology, and robotics will be eligible to display their know-how to Obama at a White House science fair. The exact dates and times were not announced, but it is nice to know that White House visits will not be limited to athletes.

A list of some of his other initiatives is given below.

  • National Lab Day: Is an attempt to get scientists into local schools to help with demos and fieldtrips. I just signed up and would suggest you take a look at it too. [Link]
  • overview_potato_kid
  • Connect a Million Minds: Is a project running through Time Warner. The website is very vague and seems to mention robotics and has a sign up sheet, but detailed specifics on what they are planning is not forthcoming from their webdesign. The picture of a potato-grape molecule is interesting though. [Link, ie only apparently]
  • STEM Video Game Design Competitions: A competition to make the best STEM video game. [Link]



  1. “Scientists and engineers ought to stand side by side with athletes and entertainers as role models, and here at the White House we’re going to lead by example. We’re going to show young people how cool science can be.” – Obama

    I suppose it is about time. Instead of dreaming about becoming steroid popping meat-heads, maybe the next generation of kids will dream of inventing a warp engine!

    Hmmm…nahh, probably not.

  2. A great initiative by President Obama! I am a high school junior @ Jordan Valley High School in Oregon. I am planning to major in chemistry. I would argue to what Maz said, Scientists and engineers are not simply steroid popping meat-heads. My brother is an engineering major @ Duke and he is having a great social life apart from his excellent academics. By the way, i came across these excellent physics flash cards. Its also a great initiative by the FunnelBrain team. Amazing!!!

  3. My little brother and sister do not want to pursue careers in STEM fields. Why? Because their science teachers are not that good. They do not bring science to life.

    We need another Bill Nye the Science Guy.

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