Nature Has a Graphical Abstracts Problem

Or I should say, it had a problem. The most annoying thing about Nature journals, not including Nature Chemistry, is they do not have a graphical abstract associated with their rss feed or even in their Table of Contents. However, I made a hack to view Nature with an associated graphical abstract over at ChemFeeds.

link: Nature via ChemFeeds

I also went ahead and made it for all the other Nature journals.

If you happen to be a Nature lover you can see them all with this link: All Nature.

If some of the feeds don’t have many abstracts within them it is because they are very new and more abstracts will be added automatically as Nature updates their AOP feeds.


Update 2: Science Added.



  1. Let’s hope this has the same effect for the Nature journals as your previous effort did for Angewandte Chemie.

  2. Rockstar! Thanks Mitch!

  3. To see is to believe, thanks!

  4. Rumble in the jungle says:

    Hey Mitch, you’re still at UC Berkeley, right?

    Care to comment about this? Do you think the boycott will actually happen?

    • I’m at UCLA these days, the note strikes me more of a negotiation tactic than a pre-boycott rally. But most researchers have personal subscriptions to the Nature journals of interest to them anyways. It really wouldn’t be a significant loss if UC cutoff Nature, just a nuisance.

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