Hottest Chemistry Paper May 2012

The most popular paper as measured by unique clicks at ChemFeeds for May was work using rotoxanes as metal-organic frameworks by the Stephen J. Loeb group. Assuming you’re not in the UC system and you have access to Nature Chemistry you can view it here, “Metal–organic frameworks with dynamic interlocked components” by V. Nicholas Vukotic et al.

April’s winner of hottest abstract as measured from clicks at Chem Feeds will come as no surprise to those who have their pulse on the current chemical literature; the paper was heavily covered by the science press. The work was inspired from the Harry Potter novel “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets“. You can read Wei Shen and Miaosi Li‘s work here: Paper-Based Blood Typing Device That Reports Patient’s Blood Type “in Writing”.

Enjoy the reading.



  1. Is this stat posted anywhere on ChemFeeds?

    Also, that MOF paper is pretty rad. I saw Loeb and Vukotic present it at a conference last week in Alberta.

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