TedED: Increasing Reaction Rates, or How to Get A Date

From the Chemistry Reddit, a TedED animation by Aaron Sams describing 5 ways to increase the rate of a chemical reaction. I’m not following all the analogies, but it’s still a pretty good teaching tool.


  1. but she is not wearing gloves, what about PPE?

  2. Kenneth Hanson says:

    I was TAing general chemistry a few years ago and there was a question along the lines: “You are the CEO of a company and you need to double the production of [x] from [y + z]. How do you do it?”

    The professor’s scoring rubric included increase pressure, heat the reaction, and add more of y/z.

    One of the student simply said “build a second reactor.”

    I spent at least 5 minutes arguing with the professor that because of the wording of the question, that answer is correct. Don’t take your lack of imagination and inability to write a unambiguous question out on a creative student.

    Alas, they did not get the points.

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