#ChemMovieCarnival: How to Kill a Werewolf in a Chemistry Lab

Here’s a late entry of the chemistry movie carnival. I hope there are a few people left in the theatre.

I’ve been running a ‘Science on the Screen’ course with a local college. Over the last few weeks we’ve been dissecting the science on the big and small screens. The home work was tough, but after a reasonable amount of popcorn and cough potatoing  we’ve pulled apart Dexters blood spatter (it doesn’t seem to take gravity into account), Breaking Bad (it was fun upsetting Reddit), Spiderman (Peter Parker is going to need a very high protein diet to make all that web), James May’s Things you need to know about chemistry (remember that?) and Star Wars (how come lasers make a sound in space and why do storm troopers fly backwards when hit by a laser?).

After all that we thought it was time to see if we could do better and maybe “fix a film” (an idea blatantly nicked from Nonfisci (thanks guys)).

The students decided that Underworld  needed some attention. I’ve not seen it, but apparently its an action horror with vampires, werewolves and the like. The werewolves are regularly killed using bullets laced with silver nitrate. Upon impact the bullets release their contents and the silver (at this point the Ag+ has somehow been miraculously reduced) proves fatal to the riddled lycanthrope.

So how to fix the film? Simple really, you just need to perform Tollen’s reaction before the werewolf gets you.





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  2. Oh no! The movie’s not there anymore! Any chance of uploading it again – have been chatting to Non Fi Sci and would love to see this vid.

    • Oh, I hadn’t noticed. The video was posted by the students who made the film. I’ll try and get hold of them to find out what happened to it.

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