Aspiring Graduate Students: You have questions, FSU Graduate Recruiting & Admissions Committee has answers!

Last December, Mike Shatruk, chair of Florida State University’s chemistry graduate recruiting & admissions committee, hosted an AMA (ask me anything) on The post generated considerable interest with 191 upvotes and 178 comments. The questions ranged from job prospects to metrics for grad school acceptance.

This year we have decided to give it another try and this time a little earlier in the application timeline. Mike will also be joined by me, Ken Hanson, one of the newest members of the graduate recruiting & admissions committee.

So if you have any questions about graduate school or the admissions process please swing by on Tuesday September 16th beginning at 10:00 am (EDT). If you’re unable to join us on Sept. 16th, please feel free to share your questions below and I will make sure they make it on the AMA.


Update: Here is a link to the AMA.


  1. Hello and thank you for answering these questions. I am interested in attending graduate school for a Ph.D. I graduated with a BS in chemistry and minor in secondary education about four years ago. I was unable to work in a lab to gain research experience. Post-graduation I worked as a high school chemistry teacher; I now work at a science supply company in a scientific support role.

    My question is – What are the skills and experience admission committees look for in applicants? For someone lacking research experience, what would be the best way to play up my professional experiences?

    Thank you again for answering these questions!

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