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Tragic: Indiana University Chem PhD Candidate on Downed Malaysian Flight

Indiana University student Karlijn Keijzer was a passenger aboard Malaysian flight 17 which crashed in Ukraine on July 17. The 25 year old was a PhD candidate in chemistry on vacation when she died. A great loss for chemistry. A great loss for all of us.

Fox59 Indianapolis has an interview and nice video tribute with a friend of Karlijn’s talking about her life and the memories they had together. Karlijn was a member of the IU rowing team and had recently earned her master’s degree from IU.

Thoughts and prayers on behalf of the entire Chemistry-Blog team.

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And From the Other Side of the Pond… We Wish You a…


And from reader Darwin, a 3D version!

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Substitution vs Elimination reactions: Guest Blogging at Master Organic Chemistry

A while ago, I invited myself over to James’ Master Organic Chemistry blog, and he has graciously allowed me to write a series of blog posts. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be guest blogging at James’ place about substitution vs elimination reactions – the historically confusing unit for undergraduate OChem students. Part 1 of 6 is live today. Head over to Master Organic Chemistry and check it out!

Part 1 of 6: You are my density, or why electrons are like a hyperactive child

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Disease-Focused Pharmaceutical Posters from the Njardarson Group

Jon Njardarson at the University of Arizona is well known for his group’s Top200 Drugs Posters. They chronicle the structure of the top 200 pharmaceutical drugs by both US retail sales and US prescriptions.

Now, his group has changed focus slightly. The group takes a disease category, like the nervous system, and lists all small-molecule drugs that have been approved for this category. They are listed in chronological order. This is a really neat twist to a nice series of posters out of the Njardarson group. There are about a dozen or so of these posters, and they are made freely available on the group’s website.


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