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Chocolate Sniffing White Blood Cells

At the American Chemical Society conference in New Orleans today Peter Schieberle gave a report of his research in odor and aroma chemistry. In one of his experiments he placed white blood cells (WBCs) in one part of a container and components of chocolate in the other part (small volatile amides). What he found was that the WBCs, through the process of chemotaxis, would walk in the direction of these chocolate components.

The biological significance of this find is somewhat ambiguous. Would this actually happen in vivo? Would these volatile amides actually accumulate in the blood? Or do these amides compose structures found in bacteria and other pathogens. Or maybe WBCs just have a sweet tooth.


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Shit Undergrads Say

I think we have all heard our undergraduates say the darnedest things and this video coming out of Stanford seems to do a good job summarizing some of the most common.

On a side note, if you ever see your undergrad directly sniffing chemicals please stop them.

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Chemis-Trees have been all the raged on the chemistry Reddit this season. A select few are shown below. If you have one feel free to leave it in the comments and we’ll add it to the list.

from The University of Malta (@detox29)


from (@Fluorophore1)


from (@KeithLav)


from (@heckler_heckler)


from (@wych_)


from (@Tepaps)

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Camille Gregory’s Chemistry Degree

UBC has a very touching story about a young girl who was a professional model, but decided that a chemistry degree is what she really wanted.

UBC: Camille Gregory’s Simple Wish – To Complete a B.Sc. in Chemistry


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