Photos from the recent Symposium on Current Trends in Nuclear Physics at LBNL

This past Saturday was the 80th birthday bash for Wladek Swiatecki. When you become older birthday bashes involve several hours of seminars from people whose research you contributed to. At the recent birthday bash I was able to get some nice photos with Darleane Hoffman and Al Ghiorso one is shown below. If you do not know them they are most famous for their work in the 5f and 6d row of the periodic table. Al is the world record holder for the discoverer of the most elements and I think isotopes too. Picture is below.

You can also make out half of Peter Armbruster’s face in the background (Santa Claus guy). If you don’t know who Peter Armbruster is, who are you? And why are you reading this? Tongue

And for everyone in the audience, please use power point for talks. I promise its not that difficult to learn.

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The Office of a Nuclear Chemist

Although the News of the day is the Sames retraction(s):

I thought I would go off topic and show a picture of my office.


Please notice the triple multi-headed machine I use to work and play, the bean bag in the corner and the miscellaneous cans of Mountain Dew that I tried to move off to one side.

And just so you don’t think that life as a Nuclear Chemist sucks cubicle walls. Here is a picture of the SF bay from our lunch tables at the 88 inch cyclotron. Eat that any other university/work-place on the planet.

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Now you can Peer Review for Nature

It looks likes Nature has gone the way of the 21st century and will place preprints of submitted but not yet accepted papers on their servers for public comment to assist the normal peer review process. I think this is a good idea, but the only real issue is getting the public to notice that they started to do this in the first place. The problem with any good on-line idea is gaining the traffic to see your wonderful idea utilized. For example, I wrote a nice script that will nicely format some elementary information of the known isotopes from the most recent atomic mass evaluation 2003, but no one really knows or utilizes it.

You can get to their public review main page from here . You can check out the preprints already posted from this link The site diplays articles in blog format. And since I didn’t stumble across this myself but read it from Everyday Scientist you can see their post about it from here

Finally, since Nature is posting preprints in blog format, we would be able to add these preprints to our forum feed and they would be made more visible in case anyone wanted to comment on them. If you want them added to our forum feed please post here to let me know.


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No more Chmoogle!

The forces that be (ie Google) have set their sights on Chmoogle and decided to take Chmoogle to court for trademark infringement. Instead of fighting, Chmoogle has relinquished that name and reverted to eMolecules. C&EN has a nice article here:

You can read EMolecules views here:

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